Will County Skywarn

Wednesday nights, (1930) 7:30p.m.
on the WB9IRL Repeater
145.210- PL107.2 

The NWS offers Skywarn Webinars to educate the public and is free of charge to attend. Amateur Radio Operators use 2m/440cm radios to communicate severe weather reporting criteria to spotter repeaters that report to Liaison repeaters that the NWS ham radio team listens and talks to non-ham operators, call into either the NWS for severe weather criteria or in an emergency or tornadic event. We encourage everyone to get their amateur radio license.


Weather Radio Frequencies

162.400 162.425 162.450 162.475 162.500 162.525 162.550

How to Participate

If you would like to be added to our page out system, which will notify you via sms and/or email, please fill out contact form.  When we activate nets for severe weather or if you want to be a Net control operator, we will start page outs for Net control availability first. Everyone else will be paged out when severe weather Nets open and severe weather is approaching.  Sign me up